REENFOR - is permanent International Forum on Renewable Energy.

The Forum's mission is to provide a platform for: expert representatives from the science, technology and business communities, educational institutions and all levels of government for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practical experience in priority areas of renewable energy development in light of advanced Russian and International Studies, developments and best practices in the use of RES.

REENFOR's aim is developing scientifically and economically sound solutions to ensure effective promotion of innovative renewable energy technologies and improve the energy and environmental safety of consumers.

Objectives of The Forum:

  • Organising in Russia and abroad, events, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, etc.
  • The qualified discussion of scientific and technical issues and exchanging experiences.
  • Developing evidence-based recommendations for executive and legislative branches of government, energy companies and businesses.
  • Contributing to capacity building for renewable energy development through the exchange of experience in energy education and training for renewable energy. 
  • Promoting international scientific and commercial cooperation between participants to the forum.
  • Promoting public-private partnerships in the renewable energy development. 

Discussions at REENFOR will be centred round the following themes:

  • The role of renewable energy in centralised, regional and independent power systems.  RES and its position within Russia’s energy strategy.
  • The technical and economic implementation of cutting-edge renewable technologies, looking at the conditions in which they best function and the benefits they can bring to consumers.
  • Developmental renewable energy incentives and the role of both federal and regional governments and domestic and international financial institutions in this process.
  • Problems encountered in training and retraining specialists in the field of renewable energies.
  • Priority R&D projects of RES within Russian federal target programmes and technological platforms.

REENFOR will provide research and foster new areas of cooperation, promote dialogue and encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of renewables. We intend to form partnerships at the regional, national and international level, developing mechanisms to promote and strengthen scientific, technical, innovative, technological and educational potential of renewable energy, improving its envrionmental and social importance.

REENFOR is positioning itself as a platform for comprehensive cooperation, where interested parties can make positive contributions to the overall goal. It is a unique opportunity to combine different developmental actors to become a powerful force in promoting the agenda of wide scale acceptance and use of renewable energy sources, with the global goal of sustainable progress in our economies and societies.


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