Program Committee

Program Committee Chairman

Oleg G. Savelyev
Deputy Head of the Government Executive Office

Program Committee Vice-Chairmen

Sergey V.Egorov
Minister of Fuel and Energy Republic of Crimea

Eduard M. Perminov
Section Chairman Alternative and Renewable Energy of Non-profit Partnership Scientific-Technical Council of United Energy System

Program Committee Members

Sergey V. Alekseenko
Director Kutateladze Institute for Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of RAS

Iakov I. Blyashko
General Director of INSET

Rashid Kh.–B. Artikov
Director General of the Association of organizations in the field of energy. Expert of the State Duma Energy Committee

George A. Gogolev
Head of Innovation Ecosystem Development, RVC

Egor B. Grinkevich
Deputy Director of Electricity Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Valery M. Kobryanskii
Leading Researcher LPI RAS

Andey V. Kulakov
Coordinator of Non-profit Partnership "Russian Renewable Energy Council"

Georgy P. Kutovoy
Chairman of the Subcommittee Tariff Policies and Energy Efficiency Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation

Vladimir G. Nikolaev
Director of Research & Information Center ATMOGRAPH

Michael A. Polyakov
Head of Division of Energy, Machinery, Mechanics and Control Process RAS, Deputy Academician-Secretary Department of Energy, Engineering, Mechanics and Control Process RAS

Nariman A. Rustamov
Leading Researcher Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources Lomonosov Moscow State University

Michael G. Tjagunov
Professor Department of Hydropower and Renewable Energy NRU MPEI

Sergei I. Fedorkin
Vice-Rector for Scientific Activity Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, President of the Union of Builders of Republic of Crimea. 

* on 13.10.2015. The committee may be amended and supplemented.


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