From Simferopol airport to Yalta you could get by:

  • public transport
  • taxi 


  • Trolleybus from Simferopol airport to Yalta number 55 goes once per hour from 6 a.m. till 8 p.m., and ticket costs 98 rub. The bus station is right on the exit from airport.
  • Trolleybus to Yalta from Simferopol railway station number 52 Simferopol-Alushta-Yalta. On the road, you will spend about 2-2.5 hours. Trolleybus goes every 10-15 minutes, it start at 4:35 a.m. and last go at 8:50 p.m.. Ticket costs - 87 rub.

The end point of all trolleybuses is bus station in Yalta. From the bus station in Yalta you have to take bus or trolleybus №1 or (cost 10 rubles.) and get to the Yalta center (stop "Clothing market") and then transfer to a bus number 34 (cost 12 rub.), and reach the hotel Yalta.

The way to the opposite direction is absolutely the same. From Yalta bus station trolleybus number 55 to Simpheropol airport,trolleybus number 52 to Simferopol railway station. 

2. BUS

It goes every 10 minutes from "Kurortnaya" station which is near Simferopol railway station. Cost 106 rub. You will get to Yalta in 1,5 hours.

3. MINIBUS (marshrutka)

You could find it from "Kurortnaya" station which is near Simferopol railway station. Cost bit more expensive than bus, but drive faster.


To "Kurortnaya" station which is near 
Simferopol railway station (8, Gagarina st.) from Simferopol airport you could get:
  • Bus number 49 and 49A, it takes 30 minutes, and cost 9 rub. 
  • Minibus (marshrutka) number 98, 100, 115.
  • Trolleybus number 54, 55, 9, takes 30 minutes, cost 9-14 rub. 
Best choice is bus number 49 or trolleybus number 9.

You could also use Trans Express especially If your flight arrives at night time, they have buses - cost 50 rub., and trolleybuses - cost 27 rub., and it goes every 10 minutes on day time, and every 20 minutes at night time.


If you want to go by taxi you could use Kiwi Taxi servise, it will be cheaper than taxi from airport.


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