1. “Renewable energy general development problems in Russia and in the world” (PS I1)

Reinhard Madlener
"Price- and Quantity-Based Promotion of Renewables: The European Experience".

2. “Energy education and training of specialists for renewable energy sector**” (PS I2)

Кjems Joergen
"Renewable Energy Perspective of the New Education and Training Roadmap associated with the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (the SET-Plan)"

Willems Patrick
"Preparing the next generation".

Sorensen Jens N.
“Research and education in the field of wind energy at the Technical University of Denmark”


Discussion session I (DS I)

“Scientific-technical and economic problems of solar energy”

Luque Antonio
"Photovoltaics: a solar technology for massive electricity production".

Discussion session II (DS II)

“Scientific-technical and economic problems of bioenergy”

Professor Emeritus Spyros Kyritsis
"Bio-energy worldwide. Review of the world progress and future tasks. Priorities in bioenergy technologies development"

Discussion session III (DS III)

“Scientific-technical and economic problems of geothermal energy and heat pumps use”

Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson
“Multipurpose use of geothermal resources. Project examples in Iceland”.

Discussion session IV (DS IV)

“Scientific-technical and economic problems of wind energy”

Søren Ejling Larsen
"Russian coastal wind resources"

Hans-Peter Erbring
"Experiences in Germany with the integration of huge amounts of RES in the electricity network"

David Wood
"Applications of Small Wind Turbines"

Stefan Chun
"Master Planning Wind Energy".

Discussion session V (DS V)

“Scientific-technical and economic problems of small hydro power, tidal and wave energy”   

Bernhard Pelican

“Small hydro development in Europe, problems and future development”.


Discussion session VI (DS VI)

“Energy storage and smart control systems in renewable energy sector” 

Jan Stottko
“Control and energy conversion systems for PV power plants”.

Discussion session VIII  (DS VIII)

“Hydrogen technologies for renewable energy”

T. Sigfusson, S.P. Malyshenko. 
"Perspective goals of creating new hydrogen technologies for renewable energy".

The “Environmentally Friendly, High Efficiency Thermal Power” platform (RT 4)

Peter Loose
"Design of Geothermal Heat Source Systems for Heating and Cooling Applications"


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